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ekta young scientist series - 2

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Static Electricity Create Sparks, bend water, & make cereal jump. Young Scientists will create real lightning sparks, bend water, make cereal jump, have a hair raising experience, and make balloons stick. Sparks will be flying when young scientists explore static electricity with this fascinating kit.

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Key Features

  • Science & Discovery
  • Plastic, Magnet Material
  • No batteries Battery
  • Non Rechargeable


THE YOUNG SCIENTIST SET - 2 Become a young scientist & experience this Electrifying Set ! 3 Complete Kits | Multiple Experiments | Hours of Hands on Fun This set is Imaginative as it is fascinating. Young Scientists shape magnetic fields, construct a magna doodle, dwelve into magnets using magnetic fields, lodestones & Iron Fillings, explore static electricity by using balloons, create sparks, bend water, have hair raising experience, make cereal jump, learn about tornados, clouds, evaporation, condensation & precipitation, make clouds in a jar, recreate the water cycle. That all will keep young scientists captivated for hours. Contents : Iron Fillings 2 Ceramic Ring Magnets 1 Horseshoe Magnet 1 Bar Magnet 4 Peices of Cardboard 3 Pins A Plastic Bag Modeling Clay Dish 2 Peices of Tubing lodestone 2 Balloons String Comb Anti- Static Sheet Peice of Nylon Peice of Felt Cereal Pie Tin Ruler Plate Peice of Cardboard Black Peice of Construction Paper Sponge 3 Guide Books of Magnetism, Static Electricity & Clouds For Ages 8+ This is a Science Kit - A part of one of the Three Young Scientist Kits available with us. It helps your kid to learn the basics of Science by doing some in home experiments & learning about the various laws of science.


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